About Spirit Excel

Spirit Excel, LLC exists to energize, empower and elevate faith and community based organizations through tools to enhance leadership development, fiscal management, program development, and program evaluation.

In 2000, Spirit Excel, Inc was formed as a non profit organization through the Heritage Foundation and moved to a consulting group in 2005. In 2012, Spirit Excel, LLC became a limited liability corporation.

Ad-PGUThe group directed by Cheri Westmoreland provides grant writing, business development, and leadership skills training. Her mission is to dream, inspire and communicate God’s plan and purpose for personal development, spiritual growth and excellence in service.

Our vision is to see faith and community based organizations provide services within the community that assist in building capacity and sustainability of resources within the community.

The dynamics of our mission are:

  • To provide quality service and resources to help energize, empower and elevate both faith-based and community organizations.
  • To increase the number of faith-based and community organizations through technical and financial support.
  • To increase the sustainability of faith-based and community organizations by equipping them with tools for successful fund development.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.